I'm a millennial workplace expert, motivational speaker, and bestselling author of The Quarter-Life Breakthrough and The Breakthrough Speaker.

I empower millennials to find meaningful work, and help companies attract, retain, and engage their employees and foster inter-generational collaboration in the workplace. I speak at Fortune 500 companies, conferences, associations, business schools, and leadership retreats. 


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"If you want to tap into the mindset of millennials, the person to ask is Adam Smiley Poswolsky."



"This man is redefining success, meaning, and purpose for millennials."

-Mind Body Green


"If you’re looking for an inspirational millennial leader, don’t look any further. Smiley spoke at SAP’s biggest gathering of customers, influencers and business leaders and provided the audience with real insight and better understanding of what young people want from employers today. His work is relevant to young professionals seeking purpose in their careers, as well as companies looking to create positive work environments and increase their social impact." 

-Robin Meyerhoff, Global Communications, SAP


"I first saw Smiley speak at Culture Summit, and knew he was the perfect person to speak to the rest of MailChimp about having a career with purpose. The office was buzzing all afternoon after Smiley's Coffee Hour talk. I was thrilled that we brought Smiley in to speak to our employees." 

-Ashley Wilson, Employee Engagement Specialist, MailChimp


"Adam’s presentation was insightful, engaging, and very well-received by all in attendance. He customized the content and delivery to our audience and offered real life examples of ways to empower millennial talent across sectors and industries. He provided ideas and takeaways that HR professionals would be able to implement at their companies right away. He is a pleasure to work with, and I wouldn’t hesitate to hire him again."

– Diana Childs, Equity Healthcare


"Smiley gave a standout keynote at our Vision 2016 Conference. The audience was very engaged and we received lots of positive feedback from our customers, partners and WorkForce employees about his presentation on millennials and the future of work.  Everyone wants meaningful and impactful work, beyond the millennial generation." 

-Denise Broady, Chief Marketing Officer, WorkForce Software


"We invited Adam to give a presentation to SAP Silicon Valley's executives and senior managers on new ways to engage early talent. He ended up staying at SAP for the whole day. His participation helped our team come up with new and exciting ideas for how to recruit and retain top talent."

-Scott Leatherman, Vice President, SAP Silicon Valley


"Smiley was one of our highest rated speakers at Culture Summit as he earned numerous positive remarks in our attendee feedback. We would love to have him back at a future event."

-Hung Pham, Founder of Culture Summit

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