Smiley helps companies attract, retain, and engage their employees. 

Smiley helps organizations empower millennial talent, increase employee engagement, manage generational differences, foster intergenerational collaboration, improve HR and talent operations, and build a purpose-driven workplace.   

Smiley speaks at Fortune 500 companies, associations, international business and tech conferences, TED, HR summits, colleges and business schools, leadership trainings, company retreats, panels, and career workshops. 

Smiley was recently named one of the Top 12 Speakers Who Will Inspire You in 2019 by Thrive Global.

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Speaking Topics

Smiley helps organizations: increase employee engagement, empower millennials in the workplace, understand generational differences, improve multigenerational collaboration and leadership, innovate HR and talent operations, and build a purpose-driven workplace. 


  • Overcome Your Quarter-Life Crisis: How to Find Meaningful Work 

  • Come Alive in Your 9 to 5: Building a Purpose-Driven Career 

  • Enough About Millennials: How Gen-Z, Millennials, Gen-X, and Baby Boomers Can Work Together

  • The Breakthrough Speaker: How to Build a Public Speaking Career 


  • Creating a Purpose-Driven Workplace: How to Attract, Retain, and Engage Your Employees 

  • Fostering Intergenerational Collaboration and Managing a Multigenerational Workforce

  • Purpose, Not Pool Tables: Meeting and Exceeding the Demands of Today’s Talent 

  • The Future of Work: Mastering the Millennial Mindset in the Workplace 

  • The Breakthrough Speaker: Public Speaking for Executives, Leaders and Influencers

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2019 Speaking Tour

1/14: MAIP Summit by 4A’s (Multicultural Advertising Intern Program) | WORKSHOP | The Demands of Today’s Talent: Exploring Generational Differences | NY, NY

1/17: Affirm Sales Launch | KEYNOTE | SF, CA

1/23: Ignixon | College Student Ambassadors of México | KEYNOTE | GUADALAJARA, MEXICO

1/24: Ignixon | HR Leaders of México | KEYNOTE | GUADALAJARA, MEXICO

1/24: YPO Latin America | YPO México- Young Entrepreneurs | KEYNOTE | GUADALAJARA, MEXICO

1/29 + 1/30: SHRM Northern California | WORKSHOP | SF, CA



2/22: Esalen | Digital Detox | WORKSHOP | BIG SUR, CA

2/27: Great Place to Work ‘For All Summit’ | Fostering Intergenerational Collaboration in the Workplace | WORKSHOP | SF, CA

3/6: PA Association of School Business Officials | KEYNOTE | HERSHEY, PA

4/10: San Francisco State University | Community Solutions to the Loneliness Epidemic | SF, CA


5/14: Loews Hotels | KEYNOTE | Public Speaking for Leaders | WASHINGTON, DC

5/16: Banco Popular | KEYNOTE | Engaging Millennial Talent | SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO

5/17: Puerto Rico IT Cluster Leadership Conference | KEYNOTE | SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO

6/3: California Assisted Living Association | KEYNOTE | MONTEREY, CA


6/26 + 6/27: Culture Summit | EMCEE | SF, CA

8/28: National Institute of Government Purchasing | KEYNOTE | AUSTIN, TX

9/13: AAHA Annual Conference | KEYNOTE | INDIANAPOLIS, IN

2018 Speaking Tour

2/4: Esalen | Digital Detox: Unplug and Reimagine Your Life | WORKSHOP | BIG SUR, CA

3/1: The Battery | Fostering Intergenerational Collaboration | KEYNOTE | SF, CA

3/10: SXSW | How Millennial Women are Shaping the Future | MODERATOR | AUSTIN, TX

3/12: ASAE: Great Ideas Conference | KEYNOTE |  COLORADO SPRINGS, CO

4/7: St. Louis Intercollegiate Athletic Conference | KEYNOTE | ST. LOUIS, MO

4/13: The Culture Conference | LEAD FACILITATOR | SANTA CLARA, CA

4/18: Year of the Dog Innovation & Startup Festival | KEYNOTE | MUNICH, GERMANY

4/20: 33 Monkeys Innovation Retreat | WORKSHOP | TIROL, AUSTRIA

5/4: Stanford University: Designing Your Life | GUEST LECTURER | PALO ALTO, CA

6/6: Ignixon Welcomes CEOs from México (Private Event) | KEYNOTE | SANTA CLARA, CA

6/9: Camp Battery (Private Event) | WORKSHOP | MENDOCINO, CA


6/22: LeadingAge PA Association | Creating a Purpose-Driven Workplace: How to Attract, Retain, and Engage the Next Generation | KEYNOTE | HERSHEY, PA

7/11: Culture Summit | EMCEE | SF, CA

8/27: Association of Catholic Publishers | KEYNOTE | CHICAGO, IL

9/12: Menno Haven | KEYNOTE | HARRISBURG, PA

9/25: Facebook (Private Event) | KEYNOTE | NY, NY

9/25: Squarespace (Private Event) | KEYNOTE | NY, NY

9/28: Roland Berger (Private Event) | KEYNOTE | BERLIN, GERMANY

10/5: Harvard Business School Alumni (Private Event) | KEYNOTE | MADRID, SPAIN

10/25: Deloitte Southeast Asia (Private Event) | KEYNOTE | MANILA, PHILIPPINES

11/15: Toptal | Becoming a Breakthrough Public Speaker | WEBINAR

11/28: TED Residency (TED HQ) | WORKSHOP | Building a Breakthrough Speaking Career | NYC

12/6: Pure Storage | KEYNOTE | Collaboration Across Generations I MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA

1/14: MAIP Summit by 4A’s (Multicultural Advertising Intern Program) | WORKSHOP | The Demands of Today’s Talent: Exploring Generational Differences | NY, NY

1/23/2019: SHRM Northern California | WORKSHOP | SF, CA

2/7/2019: AMC Institute | KEYNOTE | AUSTIN, TX


2/22/2019: Esalen | Digital Detox | WORKSHOP | BIG SUR, CA

2/27/2019: Great Place to Work ‘For All Summit’ | Fostering Intergenerational Collaboration in the Workplace | FOCUS SESSION | SF, CA

3/6/2019: PA Association of School Business Officials | KEYNOTE | HERSHEY, PA

9/13/2019: AAHA Annual Conference | KEYNOTE | INDIANAPOLIS, IN

2017 Speaking Tour

1/17: Wesleyan University | How to Build a Purpose-Driven Career | WEBINAR

2/4: AFLV Central Conference | KEYNOTE | INDIANAPOLIS, IN

2/15: Eastern Washington University | KEYNOTE | CHENEY, WA

3/7: Smart Meetings | How Millennials & Baby Boomers Can Work Together | WEBINAR 

3/7: Deloitte (Private Event) | What Millennial Employees and Customers Want | KEYNOTE | SF, CA

3/8-9: Remote Year's Future of Work Summit 2017 | PANEL & WORKSHOP | AUSTIN, TX

3/22: Here Collective | AUTHOR TALK | SF, CA

3/23: Dreamers/Doers | How to Build Your Speaking Business | WEBINAR

3/28: Professional Business Women of California 2017 Conference | Engaging Millennials: How to Attract, Retain and Empower the Next Generation | KEYNOTE | SF, CA

3/29: Blackstone Equity Healthcare Summit (Private Event) | KEYNOTE | LAS VEGAS, NV

4/1-2: The Culture Conference | Fostering Inter-Generational Collaboration Between Millennials and Baby Boomers | MODERATOR | SANTA CLARA, CA

4/19: Osborn + Barr | Creating a Purpose-Driven Workplace | KEYNOTE | ST. LOUIS, MO

5/7: Sustainatopia | Millennials in the Workplace | KEYNOTE | SF, CA

5/10: RedBrick Health Client Summit (Private Event) | Fostering Inter-Generational Collaboration and Building a Purpose-Driven Workplace | KEYNOTE | PHOENIX, AZ

5/12-14: Hive Global Leaders Program | EMCEE | SF, CA

5/19-29: Camp Grounded | MENDOCINO, CA

6/1-2: Pioneers Festival | KEYNOTE | VIENNA, AUSTRIA

6/7: Lisbon Investment Summit | LISBON, PORTUGAL


6/21: Galp Energia | KEYNOTE | Creating a Purpose-Driven Workplace | LISBON, PORTUGAL

7/1: Renaissance Weekend | KEYNOTE & PANEL | PARK CITY, UTAH

7/21: MailChimp | KEYNOTE | Creating a Purpose-Driven Workplace | ATLANTA, GA

8/16: Flow Academy | KEYNOTE | SF, CA

8/17: Culture Summit | EMCEE | SF, CA

9/14: Deloitte | KEYNOTE | Millennials: Purpose, Not Pool Tables | DUBROVNIK, CROATIA

9/27: Genentech (Private Event) | KEYNOTE | SF, CA

9/28: Southern Glazers Wine & Spirits (Private Event) | KEYNOTE | SF, CA

10/17: ASAE: Associations @ Work | KEYNOTE | Creating a Purpose-Driven Workplace | BALTIMORE, MD

10/26: ATECH Conference | KEYNOTE | ARUBA 

11/7: The Equality Lounge @ Dreamforce | PANEL | SF, CA

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HOW TO EMPOWER MILLENNIAL TALENT - Webbdagarna 2016 - Stockholm, Sweden

CREATE A PURPOSE-DRIVEN WORKPLACE - Culture Summit 2016 - San Francisco, CA

Sample Keynote: Engaging Millennials

UBS Workforce Futures Report feat. Smiley

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The Future of Work is Here

"Millennials' work defines the sort of people that they are in their own eyes and in the eyes of their peers. So they will seek out businesses and brands that, like them, reject cultural, gender and racial stereotypes, and adhere faithfully to a set of transparent guiding principles." -Smiley

Speaking Testimonials


"We invited Adam Smiley to give a presentation to SAP Silicon Valley's executives and senior managers on new ways to engage early talent. He ended up staying at SAP for the whole day. His participation helped our team come up with new and exciting ideas for how to recruit and retain top talent.

-Scott Leatherman, Vice President SAP Silicon Valley


"I first saw Smiley speak at Culture Summit, and knew he was the perfect person to speak to the rest of MailChimp about having a career with purpose. The office was buzzing all afternoon after Smiley's Coffee Hour talk. I was thrilled that we brought Smiley in to speak to our employees." 

-Ashley Wilson, Employee Engagement Specialist, MailChimp

“Smiley is entertaining, high-energy, engaging, motivational, thought-provoking, behavior changing and an expert on millennial workplace issues. His presentation was delivered with humor and authenticity. Smiley spoke at two HR Leadership events in the Bay Area and had stellar reviews.”

-Gina Ayllon, CAE, SHRM Executive Director Northern California


“Smiley provided key takeaways on the cross-generational workforce and engagement for the future in a clear, actionable way. One of our best speakers on this topic!”

-Tina Marie Wehmeir, CMP, CAE, Chief Executive Officer, AMC Institute

"Adam's talk on understating and retaining millennials in the workforce, as well as the impact that a mission-driven business has on its employees, was a highlight of our Harvard Business School reunion. Many of us reflected on the inspirational and thought-provoking takeaways he left us with. Adam delivered a great talk, and is an engaging, energetic, and dynamic speaker!"

-Richard S., Harvard Business School

"Smiley was a great speaker! He was energetic, motivational, and was able to engage with a room of over 100 people of all ages and levels of experience. As a company that is scaling fast, it was great to have Smiley help us all think a little bit more about our individual sense of purpose and how we can most effectively collaborate across generational groups."

-Brett Chereskin, Chief of Staff to the Chief Revenue Officer, Affirm

"Smiley's Breakthrough Speaker workshop at TED was so helpful. He's very entertaining, and he provided the TED Residents with useful tools and strategies for promoting our ideas and creative work. I'm grateful to know him and his work."

-Allison Yarrow, TED Resident, Award-Winning Journalist, Speaker, Author of 90s Bitch

"Adam’s presentation was insightful, engaging, and very well-received by all in attendance. He customized the content and delivery to our audience and offered real life examples of ways to empower millennial talent across sectors and industries. He provided ideas and takeaways that HR professionals would be able to implement at their companies right away. He is a pleasure to work with, and I wouldn’t hesitate to hire him again."

-Diana Childs, Equity Healthcare


Smiley was booked by Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits - West Region, HR leadership team. The focus was on navigating inter-generational differences in the workplace as our talent landscape is shifting with incredible pace and intensity. The response was overwhelming positive and the team acquired practical and tactical recommendations for immediate implementation. We look forward to a continued relationship and remain drawn to Smiley’s ability to connect with a diverse audience through his expertise and genuine approachability.

-Suzi Potts, Director of Talent Acquisition/Diversity & Inclusion, Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits


"Smiley gave a standout keynote at our Vision 2016 Conference. The audience was very engaged and we received lots of positive feedback from our customers, partners and WorkForce employees about his presentation on millennials and the future of work. Everyone wants meaningful and impactful work, beyond the millennial generation." 

-Denise Broady, Chief Marketing Officer, WorkForce Software


"Adam's seminar on Engaging Millennials was a standout hit at PBWC 2017 Conference. Dozens of attendees said Adam left them inspired, with tangible takeways to empower their employees." 

-Stephanie Heishman, Program Director, Professional BusinessWoman of California


"After hearing Smiley’s presentation at another industry event, we invited him to join our annual RedBrick Health Client Summit. Both our clients and attending team members appreciated his fresh perspective and his energy—it was one of their favorite sessions of the day, and he was a dream to work with throughout the event."

-Manda Bertrand, Marketing & Communications Specialist, RedBrick Health


"Adam's presentation about millennials in the workplace was incredibly popular and thought provoking for our customers, and created a lot of buzz here in Stockholm."

-Hala G. Asfar, Project Manager, IDG Stockholm


"If you’re looking for an inspirational millennial leader, don’t look any further. Smiley spoke at SAP’s biggest gathering of customers, influencers and business leaders and provided the audience with real insight and better understanding of what young people want from employers today. His work is relevant toyoung professionals seeking purpose in their careers, as well as companies looking to create positive work environments and increase their social impact."

-Robin Meyerhoff, Global Communications, SAP


"Smiley was one of our highest rated speakers at Culture Summit as he earned numerous positive remarks in our attendee feedback. We would love to have him back at a future event."

-Hung Pham, Founder of Culture Summit


Smiley’s dynamic presentation and enthusiasm brought energy to our company's annual meeting! His message centered around purposeful culture, the theme of our meeting.  Smiley provided specific examples and tangible takeaways which our team really appreciated. We saw great value in bringing Smiley in and thoroughly enjoyed getting to know him.

-Rhonda Ries, President, OsbornBarr


"Adam was the keynote speaker at our annual Symposium, and provided a lot of insights about the millennial generation to our multi-generational audience. These insights will help our bank directors and executives ignite their new employees, attract new customers, and build on their bank's community presence in the regions where they serve."

-Lisa Livingstone, Program Director, Symposium for Community Bank Directors


"Smiley was part of an engaging panel for our Women@Pinterest speaker series, along with NY Times bestselling author Julie Lythcott-Haims. They talked about how to build a meaningful adult life, and left our packed crowd inspired and motivated." 

-Annie Ha, Product Manager, Pinterest


"Smiley’s message reaches a diverse student population. He brings a purpose driven, inspirational view to the challenges of life after college while staying grounded, peppering his talk with humor and sound advice on how to get there. Our students responded positively as what he shared buzzed around our campus in the days following. Smiley’s passion and love for helping young people obviously left an impact on everyone in the room."

-Elke Hardt, Director of Career Services Center, La Sierra University


"Our group of Novas--Stockholm's most talented students and young professionals-- gave Smiley the most amazing reviews. He brings his true stories and learning which are valuable for everyone to find a meaningful job and create their impact on the world. He's honest, authentic and fun, and will for sure give you something to think about and inspire you to chase your dreams! 

-Johanna Kvissberg, Event Manager, Nova Sweden


Smiley moderated and convened an inspiring and diverse group of Bay Area millennial women leaders on the impact of millennials shaping the future of technology. The panel was incredibly engaging for our spring 2016 partner meeting and Smiley was excellent at steering an engaging and thought-provoking discussion.

-Julian S. Green, Inclusion Guidance, Anita Borg Institute (ABI)


"When Smiley is on stage, you can feel a tangible burst of energy in the room. He offers practical tools that help young professionals find meaningful work and build careers with purpose."

-Evan Walden, President, ReWork


"Smiley spoke directly to feelings and thoughts about 'what happens next' that most GSB students sit with on a daily basis."

-Alex Lofton, MBA Student, Stanford Graduate School of Business


"Smiley brings both excitement and genuine care to his speaking and teaching practice. He is able to get everyone in the room engaged and motivated, and he is able to deepen into supporting each person in their unique purpose during his workshop. His strengths lie in allowing each person to fully consider their own potential and find accountability towards the larger goal of a meaning-filled life."

-Laura Reddick, Senior Program Manager, California Institute for Integral Studies


"Smiley brought an authentic energy to CreativWeek and shared his enthusiasm and zest for life with the Downtown Las Vegas community. His story is honest, impactful, and inspiring."

-Christine Lai, Chief of Staff, Delivering Happiness


"Wise beyond his years, Smiley finds a way to ask provocative questions, help people think about their next life step, and, in a humorous way, confirm that breakthroughs at any stage of life are much more about exploring and savoring one's journey, not just about achieving an end goal."

-Denise Benatar, Teaching Team, Stanford University


"Smiley is a gifted mentor and speaker. He's spoken at the StartingBloc Institute multiple times, and helped our Fellows find greater clarity and purpose for themselves. His style is at once honest, humorous, and deeply authentic. I couldn't recommend him more highly--as a speaker, as a mentor to young change leaders, and as an activator of community."

-Cesar Gonzalez, CEO, StartingBloc


"Smiley is an eloquent, impassioned and creative leader. He created a curriculum at Bold Academy that allowed 15 high-achievers to reach even greater heights. I find him to be an extraordinary resource around identifying and pursuing goals that really matter." 

-Deepa Subramaniam, Vice President of Product, Kickstarter


"Smiley's openness and vulnerability on stage reels you in. His enthusiasm is palpable, leaving audiences with the energy and tools to create meaning in their own lives. If you're looking for a speaker to bring purpose to a millennial audience, Smiley is your guy."

-Amber Rae, Author, Speaker, Creator of The World We Want

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