List of Coaches in Smiley's Community

Note to people seeking a coach: The following is a list of coaches that have been recommended by others in my community. These are not personal recommendations. Please do your own due diligence and research to find a coach that works best given your individual learning needs, career goals, and personal circumstances. DISCLAIMER: Smiley Poswolsky, LLC shall not assume any responsibility whatsoever for any results obtained by working with any of these coaches.


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NOTE TO PROFESSIONAL COACHES: If you would like to be included in my list of recommended Coaches to interested readers of The Quarter-Life Breakthrough, please:

1. Fill out the Coaches Form below  

2. Email your headshot to, subject line: Coaches Headshot. 

There is no cost or referral fee required to post your website here; my goal is simply to connect my readers with talented coaches (and to provide you with clients). Note: the majority of people who use this website as a resource are young professionals seeking a career coach or life coach. Right now, I'm focusing all my energy on my book, so new submissions will be added after March, 2017. We may edit your submission for content and/or length. To make edits to your submission, please submit a new form.  


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